The parking area is on the basement floor.
Discounts are available for guests at accommodations, restaurants and banquet halls.


Staying guests ¥2,000 per night
Dining guests
Free of charge for 1 hour * ¥2,000 and more use required
Free of charge for 2 hours * ¥4,000 and more use required
Free of charge for 3 hours * ¥6,000 and more use required


Using the Parking Lot

After entering the parking lot, please issue your parking ticket via the payment machine inside, then present it to the facility staff. You will receive a service ticket depending on what you are availing of.



Hotel Guests – A 24-hour parking service ticket valid once per vehicle per night will be available for 2,000 yen.
Restaurant Guests – For every 2,000 yen spent on a meal, the benefit period will change by one hour.
Banquet Hall Guests – Free of charge for up to 3 hours



*Please pay the regular fees at the payment machine when availing of services outside the prescribed service tickets.
*There are only stairs and a slope from the parking lot to the hotel entrance (no elevator).
If you have any luggage, please feel free to drop it off in front of the entrance and inform us.