Room Service


Gomoku fried rice meal set (Gomoku fried rice, Spring rolls, Soup) 2,700yen
Gomoku fried noodles meal set (Gomoku fried noodles, Spring rolls) 2,700yen


Beef curry meal set (Beef curry, Salad) 2,700yen


Coffee, Tea 1,000yen
Orange juice, Coca Cola, Ginger Ale, Mineral water 1,000yen
Beer 334ml 1,200yen
Japanese sake 180ml 1,200yen
Bottle of wine (Red or White) 750ml 8,000yen
Sparkling wine 750ml 8,500yen

*Tax and service charge included

Open Hours

Lunch Time(11:30~14:15)
Dinner Time(17:00~20:15)