It’s Super Easy! Let’s Make an Origami Crane

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Origami is a traditional part of Japanese culture which involves creating a wide variety of three-dimensional shapes by folding a single piece of paper. The most famous of these is the crane. Origami cranes are popular in Japan as a symbol of peace. Famously, then-US President Barack Obama presented four cranes that he folded himself to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum when he visited the atomic-bombed city of Hiroshima.
Although it may look complicated, origami is actually made using a single piece of paper that can be folded by anyone, with nothing particularly difficult about it. Practice makes perfect. You are now going to become an expert on Japan!

What to prepare

芝パークホテル 折り紙

Origami paper. Any square piece of paper will do if you do not have any.
* We have prepared PDF date that includes creases (until step 6) to help beginners fold the paper more easily. Please feel free to print it out and use it.