May we ask what you would like to do while visiting Japan in autumn?

Autumn in Tokyo 2022

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autumn in japan
With the arrival of autumn comes the inevitable feeling of deep longing. You may find yourself looking forward to all the seasonal dishes of fall, dreaming of long nights spent immersed in a good book, and wanting to go out and admire the trees flourished in their stunning autumnal dress. And after successfully making it through another oppressive Japanese summer, it’s only natural for you to want to treat yourself a little. But you don’t have to travel too far just to experience autumn. Once summer gives way to fall, even the trees lining the city streets transform into gorgeous hues of gold and crimson, so you won’t miss out on the changing of seasons even in Tokyo central.
Here, we’d like to introduce a famous poem about autumn, written by Basho Mastuo, a famous Edo-period poet and a master of travel.
“Akifukaki, tonari wa nani wo, suru hito zo.”
It means, “As autumn grows deeper, I wonder what the person beside me is doing?”
Once it becomes autumn, we not only think about what we want to do, but we become curious about what others will do as well. And while we’re at it, may we ask what you would like to do while visiting Japan in autumn?



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