Just looking is boring! Ways to see the cherry blossoms, recommended by Tokyoites.

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

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cherry blossoms japan tokyo
Japanese people love cherry blossoms. I have never met a Japanese person who says they hate cherry blossoms. I believe the experience is similar to how Americans love baseball, and Italians love soccer — this is content that is adored on a national level. In J-POP, there are enough cherry blossom-themed songs to build a mountain. A lot of meteorological institutions announce their predictions as to when the cherry trees will bloom. From schools to workplaces, talk about when to go cherry blossom viewing or if you’ve gone already is a hot topic. And if a storm were to arrive during full bloom, the weather announcers on TV will discuss, with the sternest possible expressions, the possibility that the cherry blossoms may scatter. According to one theory, the Japanese mentality to desire an elegant exit is mirrored in the scattering of the cherry blossom petals — perhaps that is a good match with the notion that the cherry blossoms are scattering at the height of their beauty. I believe that may be true.

This is the extent to which the nationally beloved cherry blossoms are (most likely) imprinted upon our minds, perhaps even more than we imagined. In the spring, when the cities are seeped in the pink colors of the cherry blossoms, no matter where you go in Tokyo, even a simple stroll becomes an enjoyable experience. The special cherry blossom season, a moment that lasts only for one week out of the year. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, the cherry trees will still blossom.

They will bloom in an instant, and scatter before you know it, so we recommend that you venture out on good weather days.

Rather than simply going to see the cherry blossoms, we will introduce you to several examples of how Tokyoites enjoy these flowers. If you have an opportunity to visit Tokyo during the cherry blossom season, please try these out.



  1. The blossoming of cherry trees (some-yoshino) in Tokyo in 2023
  2. See the cherry blossoms from the train / JR Chuo Line / Sobu Line
  3. Enjoy the cherry blossoms while fishing / Ichigaya
  4. View the cherry blossoms while taking a walk / Imperial Palace
  5. Viewing the cherry blossoms from a high vantage point / Tokyo Tower