The rain is usually “not so heavy but not too light, pouring almost all day long.”

The rainy season in Japan

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What kind of impression do you have of the Japanese rainy season (Tsuyu)? A downpour like Thailand’s monsoonal squalls? Or drizzling like in London? The answer is neither. The rain that falls during the rainy season in Japan could be described as “not so heavy but not so light rain, pouring almost all day long.” The rainy season is generally not a popular time to travel because it lasts for a while. Still, on the flip side, it is prime time to explore overlooked opportunities. This is especially true in a metropolis like Tokyo. Tourist spots are open, reservations at popular restaurants are easy to get, and hotels are inexpensive to book. It is also fun to carry around colorful umbrellas. For those considering a trip to Tokyo, here are some things to do that are unique to this time of year.



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