Table-Style Tea Ceremony

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Table-style tea ceremony experience in a space surrounded by books

The Tsubakinokai will hold a table-style tea ceremony performance in our library space surrounded by approximately 1,500 books. In a hotel space that is not a regular Japanese-style room or tea room, our in-house guests can enjoy a contemporary table-style tea ceremony performance in the lobby surrounded not by hanging scrolls or flower arrangements, but by books and traditional crafts. Also, you can relax in the Library Lounge with a set of matcha green tea and Japanese sweets.

Table-Style Tea Ceremony Performance Observation & Matcha Experience
Period Every Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.
※Limited availability
※The event may be cancelled depending on the situation
Location Entrance lobby on 1F
Admission Free
※Available for exclusive in-house guests
Contents Tea ceremony by the instructor
Matcha green tea and Japanese sweets
Instructors Misato Kojima
Kazuko Igata

芝パークホテル テーブル茶道芝パークホテル テーブル茶道