Shiba Park Hotel SDGs

Based on the management philosophy of Shiba Park Hotel Co., Ltd.
“Investigating the Way of Hospitality” and the behavioral guidelines “The Spirit of Hospitality”
(Have a spirit of gratitude to our guests, staff, business partners, and local communities,
and also have the ability to think from the other person’s perspective),
Shiba Park Hotel endorses the SDGs (sustainable Development Goals) proposed by the United Nations
and strive to achieve a sustainable society.



What is SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
SDGs activities in Shiba Park Hotel
1. Partnership/Community
2. Creating a comfortable workplace

3. Environmental initiatives
4. Health and safety


What is SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015.
This is the goal set by 193 United Nations Member States to achieve in the 15 years from 2016 to 2030.
Composed of 17 goals and 169 targets for a sustainable world, we pledge “Leave No One Behind.”

sdgs 芝パークホテル

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SDGs activities in Shiba Park Hotel

We have set four key goals that aim to contribute to the 17 Sustainable Goals (SDGs) as follows.

We will steadily implement initiatives to fulfill our social responsibility to our guests, employees, business partners and communities.


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1. Partnership/Community

Contribution to social development, Strengthening the connection between the company and social value creation, Community symbiosis society



  • Creation of venues for traditional culture

Shiba Park Hotel aims to be a company that is needed by society, and by “connecting people, town, and history,” we will create common value and play a role in supporting and contributing to the cultural heritage.
The exhibition called “Tale of Artisans” is held with a seasonal theme of traditions (stories) spun by Japanese artisans, and is centered on books and Japanese culture. The exhibition features traditional crafts and culture nurtured from the bounty of nature, as well as the characteristics and charms of traditional events in various regions of Japan that have been carefully passed down from generation to generation.
Our goal is to create a sustainable experience where history and culture are passed down through the ages, leading to a better and richer tomorrow.


  • Omotenashi concierge on duty

The Omotenashi concierge is Shiba Park Hotel’s hospitality specialists who will guide according to our hotel guest’s individual needs and provide a memorable hotel experience to make their stay in Tokyo even more memorable.


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2. Creating a comfortable workplace

Promote wok-style reform, Instill workplace policies, Improve guest satisfaction


  • In-House awards (Good Job, Continuous Service)

The Good Job commendation is an initiative for recommending examples of good work that leaves an impression on staff members as a Good Job. Twice a year, several cases a awarded from among the many good works. This initiative started with the aim of fostering a culture of praise, and has evolved from making employees proud and rewarded for our work to being used as a tool for the realization of our management philosophy and behavioral awards. Also leads to a reduction in turnover.

芝パークホテル 社内表彰制度

In-House awards in 2019

  • In-House training, Cultural / Art workshops, Club activities, Outside training

We have monthly training sessions for the next generation of leaders, book clubs to develop diverse and versatile staffs that are not limited to the hotel, and club activities to broaden the scope of our skills and hobbies. We also create opportunities to experience the Japanese culture to learn about the Japanese spirit of hospitality and to participate in seminars outside the company that will lead to our career advancement. These experience lead to increased awareness and motivation, and we aim to improve not only as hotel staff but also as members of society.

  • Hiring foreign staffs / Japanese language training

In recent years, we have hired foreign staff to support the increasing number of inbound visitors and to give our guests a sense of security when they come to Japan. We are working to create an environment where every staff can play an active role, regardless of nationality, age, or gender, and where we can improve our careers according to our abilities. We also provide Japanese language training to improve customer service skills.

As of March 2022 Foreign staff
8 out of 52 staff
American / Indonesian / Filipino / Korean / Chinese / Nepalese / Sri Lankans / Egyptian

  • Reduced hours system/Maternity and childcare leave system (for both men and women)

We try to promote an environment where all staff can work comfortably and support a balance between work and childcare. The introduction of this system also leads to the development of a diverse workforce.

  • Internship

In recent years, when it is said that there are not many people who want to work in the service industry, we are actively working to provide useful hands-on experience for college and university students to help them find future employment or enter the workforce. We also offers several days of hands-on experience for students from high schools, junior high schools and schools for the disabled.

  • Transitioning to an automated solution

In order to improve the efficiency and productivity of operations, check-in tablet device and a 24-hour foreign currency exchange machine were installed. These initiatives have reduced the amount of time guests have to wait, relieved labor shortages, and reduced overtime. Increasing the time to serve guests in person creates job satisfaction.


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3. Environmental initiatives

Creation of shared values, Realization of a society symbiosis with nature, Creation of a recycling society Ethical consumption initiative that takes people, society, and the global environment into consideration



  • Environmentally friendly with plant-based ingredients

All guest rooms are equipped with Millennium Organics Blue Label amenities, which contain more than 90% plant-and mineral-derived ingredients. The products are fragranced with natural essential oils without synthetic fragrances, are ethylene-free, and are made from carefully selected raw materials according to organic standards. The ingredients are formulated to have a low environmental impact as a whole.

Bath amenities / Hand wash

  1. Products free of petroleum-based surfactants, parabens/MIT, synthetic colorants, synthetic polymers, animal ingredients, and nickel ingredients
  2. Products not tested on animals
  3. Products containing 90% or more plant- and mineral-derived ingredients

SDGs 芝パークホテル アメニティ

  • Measures to combat global warming

Reduction in the use of plastic products.

芝パークホテル エコアメニティ

Use of eco-amenities
(Toothbrush, Folding hairbrush, Razor, Vanity kit, Body towel)
This is an amenity that reduces the burden on the environment by approximately 40% in terms of plastic usage fee by using a product made of raw materials blended with natural straw.

  • Body: Straw mixed with raw materials / Reduced plastic usage by approximately 40% (from Sintoworld Co.,LTD PP single raw material product)
  • Packing: OP film portion replaced with paper / Reduced plastic usage by 35% (reduction rate from Sintoworld Co.,LTD OP matte packaging)

SDGs 芝パークホテル アメニティ

Tea from certified organic products available (Art of Tea)
The Art of Tea, a carefully hand-blended and produced aromatic organic tea, is always available.


Bamboo materials used for in-room products
We actively use sustainable bamboo materials, which are considered earth-friendly, biodegradable, and have antibacterial properties.

Shoehorn, brush, bathroom trash box, two trash boxes, hair dryer rest, amenity box, notepad holder, and tissue case made of 8 kinds of bamboo (laminated wood).
※Products made by Yamashita Kogei INC. ※Made in Japan except for the brushes.

芝パークホテル 竹ボールペンSDGs 芝パークホテル 竹ハンガー

※Hanger (laminated bamboo)
※Pen for guest rooms uses bamboo material for the body, which reduces the use of plastic compared to regular pens.

Laundry bags, Sanitary bags
LIMEX is a new material based on limestone. Its use as a bag reduces the amount of plastic used.


Eco-friendly cleaning service
We ask our guests staying for consecutive nights to help us contribute to the environment by minimizing the use of organic detergents and other cleaning products generated during the cleaning process.
Eco-friendly cleaning service does not include room cleaning (vacuuming, bed making and sheet changing, bathroom cleaning) for stays of up to 2 nights, and we do not enter guests’ rooms. However, changing towels, replenishing amenities, and collecting trash are available 24 hours a day upon request. For hygienic reasons, we clean the rooms every 3 days during stays of 3 nights and more. By reusing bed linen and amenities instead of replacing them, we are committed to environmental conservation by reducing CO2 emissions, water resources, electricity, and waste.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Schedule

1-Day Check In
2-Day No Cleaning
3-Day Cleaning
4-Day No Cleaning
5-Day No Cleaning
6-Day Cleaning

※Doorhangers (2 signs) FSC certified products

Rainforest Alliance certified products (coffee beans)
All coffee served in our restaurant and banquet halls are Rainforest Alliance certified products. By actively handling coffee beans certified by the Rainforest Alliance, an international non-profit organization that works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable living, we are helping to protect the global environment and support producers in developing and other countries.

レインフォレスト ロゴ

Food loss and waste initiatives (Banquet halls)
We recommend the “3010 Movement” and this is a campaign to reduce leftover food at banquets.
Guests who support the “3010 Movement” initiative are asked to remain seated for 30 minutes after the toast to enjoy your food, and then return to your seats 10 minutes before the end of the party to enjoy your food again.

Elimination of the use of plastic straws
In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, one of the problems of global warming, the use of plastic straws has been eliminated and sugarcane straws have been introduced in our restaurant.
※Sugarcane straws
Sugarcane straws are made from bagasse (food residue byproduct from the sugarcane refining process) that used to be disposed of as an industrial waste material and PLA (polylactic acid), making them an upcycled product that is biodegradable with 100% natural ingredients.

Shiba Park Hotel original paper bag
We use environmentally friendly paper products and offer our guests as upcycled products as well.
This item is a proposal for upcycling by using FSC certified products with specifications that allow it to be used as a book cover after use.

芝パークホテル ホテル紙袋

Biomass fuel for fireplace
Biomass fuel, which emits less CO2 over its life cycle than fossil fuels, is used as fuel for the fireplace installed in our Library lounge.

Use of recyclable coffee capsules for house guest coffee
The coffee served at the hotel reception is made in support of Nespresso’s efforts to contribute to the global environment and society. The used capsules are collected after use and returned to Nespresso, where they are separated into aluminum and coffee grounds, which are turned into recycled aluminum and soil, respectively.
More than 90% of Nespresso coffee comes from AAA certified farms and more than 40% from Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

AAAロゴリサイクルステッカー レインフォレストロゴ 芝パークホテル コヒーマシン

  • Thorough recycling of valuable resources

Waste from restaurant kitchens including cooking oil, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans, are collected by recycling companies and recycled or sorted into smaller pieces for disposal.


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4. Health and safety

Ensuring safety and security


  • Accommodate food allergies and restrictions

The hotel serves guests from all over the world and has a large number of international staff. Some of our guests and staff have food allergies and restrictions due to their religious beliefs or health needs, so we offer multiple menu configurations to accommodate them flexibly.

  • Non-smoking guest rooms

To prevent second-hand smoking and protect health, all guest rooms in Shiba Park Hotel are non-smoking.

  • Fire drills and evacuation drills

To strengthen and maintain sustainability in case of disasters and accidents, we support monthly disaster drills, an annual firefighting examination, and training and certification of fire prevention managers, self-defense firefighting skills test, and disaster prevention center personnel.


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