Book Baton Project

Contributing to Society through Books

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~2023 Social Contribution Initiatives~

芝パークホテル ブックツリー

Join us putting up a Book Tree (Christmas tree) with your books!
Call for book donations in 2023 is now closed.

This is a project to create a Book Tree (Christmas tree) by collecting books that you no longer read. Hotel staff will create a Book Tree (Christmas tree) from the books you bring or send to us, and will be on displayed in the Library Lounge until New Year’s. After New Year’s, the books will be donated with the cooperation of Room to Read Japan.
The Library Hotel is a space surrounded by books, providing an environment where book lovers can relax and unwind. For these book lovers, we have prepared a participatory project that allows you to contribute to society through books.

With your help, the total number of books donated to the project is now over 5,070 this year. Thank you very much for your participation in our Book Baton Project.

【Book Donors】
Unicorn, TANKOSHA, Raichosha, FG MUSASHI, Daishinsha Inc. Bueno!Books, Yumi Yamaguchi, Toshikazu Matsumoto, Tetsuji Kondo, Masakazu kikutani, Michiko Komine, Naoko Kanasugi, Nobue Takeuchi, Yasue Yamaguchi, hotel guests, and other