A Hotel in Tokyo Surrounded by Books

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Hotel Concept

A library hotel that connects people, towns, and history.


Even now, Shiba area of Tokyo is where the atmosphere of Edo still exists.
Shiba Park Hotel is a good old hotel that has spelled out history in a way that breathes into the traditions and culture of this area. The hotel retains its comfort, but has the face of a “Library Hotel” with a new collection of books centered on the climate, people, and history of the city. We at Shiba Park Hotel aim to be a hotel where history and culture are spelled out over time and lead to a better and more prosperous tomorrow.

Directed by Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore,

with a collection of about 1,500 books

The selection lets you feel the spirit and history of hospitality developed uniquely at Shiba Park Hotel.
“Shiba” was passed down from Edo to Tokyo, then to the modern TOKYO.
Important things have been passed down through generations.
We prepared bookshelves that do not fade even after all the years.