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Sustainable Japanese Traditional Culture Experience

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Shiba Park Hotel is also a library hotel with a diverse collection of books. We hold an exhibition called “Tale of Artisans” which tell stories of traditions (tales) that they have developed and nurtured. The exhibition has different themes for each season and it has a focus on Japanese culture and is displayed with books.

The “Sustinable Japanese traditional culture experiece” is an opportunity to experience traditional crafts and culture that have been nurtured by the bounty of nature and carefully passed down from generation to generation at Shiba Park Hotel. We sincerely welcome our guests to experience such a sustainable experience, where history and culture are passed down through the ages and lead to a better and richer tomorrow.

Using Shiba Park Hotel as a platform, we will provide a place to experience “learning,” “passing on,” and “preserving” Japanese traditional culture from generation to generation, thereby connecting the traditional culture that has been carefully handed down to the future.