An Evening Where Harmony Meets History

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Shiba Park HotelThe Harvard Krokodiloes

~Shiba Park Hotel & The Harvard Krokodiloes~
In the serene ambiance of Shiba Park Hotel, surrounded by over 1,500 volumes of carefully curated books, guests are invited to experience an extraordinary collaboration.

Shiba Park Hotel proudly presents a special event featuring The Harvard Krokodiloes, the signature a cappella group at Harvard University. Clad in elegant tuxedos, these twelve undergraduate students will weave enchanting harmonies during a captivating mini-concert. This unique performance promises to create unforgettable memories for our guests. Join us at Shiba Park Hotel and immerse yourself in the fusion of literature and music. Let the harmonious voices of The Harvard Krokodiloes elevate your stay to new heights.
The Harvard Krokodiloes

The Harvard Krokodiloes of 2024