Tale of Artisans Vol.3 “Ryou”

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shiba park hotel exhibition ryou
Shiba district in Tokyo is a place where you can still feel the wind of Edo-era. Shiba Park Hotel is a good old hotel that has weaved its way through time in harmony with the traditions and culture of this area. Shiba Park Hotel is also a library hotel with a diverse collection of books. We hold an exhibition called “Tale of Artisans” which tell stories of traditions (tales) that they have developed and nurtured.

Cool to the eyes

The season when the sun gets more and more glare.In the tale of artisans Vol.3 with the theme of “Ryou”, we introduce two crafts, “Edo-kiriko” with cool colors and glass texture, and “Edo-sensu” that creates coolness with stylish patterns.It would be great if it could be a hint of hospitality and how to spend this summer by taking in coolness from what is reflected in your eyes.Please enjoy yourself as long as time permits.

Tale of Artisans Vol.3 “Ryou”

Pamphlet (PDF)

June 13 (Mon.) – September 4 (Sun.), 2022


11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.


1F Library Lounge/ 2F Foyer Book & Culture



Curator: Nipponnowaza.com
(Managed by Braincafe Co., Ltd.)