Anniversary and Birthday Celebrations

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What kind of memories would you like to have on your anniversary?
Is there any accommodation plan that allows you to celebrate in a relaxed atmosphere?
Omotenashi concierges, a specialist of hospitality at Shiba Park Hotel, are happy to make your stay a memorable one in a variety of hotel situations. We can provide guests with advice on restaurant menu, suggest some surprises for your anniversaries, and respond to your any other requests.
Located on the first floor of Shiba Park Hotel with approximately 1,500 books, Restaurant The Dining offers three types of cuisine-Japanese, Western, and Chinese as well as Blissful afternoon tea.
All anniversary plans come with a Mizuhiki card, handmade by Shiba Park Hotel’s Omotenashi Concierge, supervised by mizuhiki artist Anna Tanaka. Why not put your thought on your card for the special day?