Tale of Artisans Vol.7 “Sawayaka”

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Shiba district in Tokyo is a place where you can still feel the wind of Edo-era. Shiba Park Hotel is a good old hotel that has weaved its way through time in harmony with the traditions and culture of this area. Shiba Park Hotel is also a library hotel with a diverse collection of books. We hold an exhibition called “Tale of Artisans” which tell stories of traditions (tales) that they have developed and nurtured.

Softly, a fresh breeze blows.

Even the faintest breeze is a delight this time of year.
In the tale of artisans Vol.7 with the theme of “Sawayaka”, we introduce two crafts, “Edo sensu” with a pattern on its surface that brings coolness, and “Edo kiriko” with its cool lapis lazuli color. We would be happy if a fresh breeze blows softly in your hearts.
Please enjoy yourself as long as time permits.

Tale of Artisans Vol.7 “Sawayaka”

Pamphlet (PDF)

June 5(Mon.) – September 3(Sun.), 2023


11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.


1F Library Lounge/ 2F Foyer Book & Culture



Curator: Nipponnowaza.com
(Managed by Braincafe Co., Ltd.)